We are the expert of
Fresh meat, and supply high-quality product

Our company “SC MEAT Co.,Ltd.” is a dealer of meat ( domestic beef, imported beef, chicken, pork ), which was established in 1980.
We are supplying domestic beef mainly, and processing food, retailing, manufacturing ham and sausage.

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Handling matters carefully
from purchasing
raw material, processing food, to delivery

We are purchasing high-quality and safe beef from all over the country, processing under the complete hygiene management. Not only that, we can supply the imported beef, high brand pork and chicken. We have not changed our stance to respond to our customer’s request since we began.

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Meat professional check the product’s taste and safety very carefully

Handling consistently from purchasing raw material, processing food, to delivery,
And we can deliver the product in the perfect and required condition and shape to the customer, not only caring the taste.

We can supply the meat as much as you want at the reasonable price

Store’s name, “La Boucherie “ is French, meaning fresh meat store.
We think the face to face communication with customer is important.
We are supplying from domestic beef to luxury meat on the based idea of local production for local consumption.

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We request you to like
meat very much and to
consider customers feeling

SC MEAT, which is a company of meat professional, contribute to the society through the Food that is necessary for the life of people.
Inexperienced people are always welcome because we have instruction curriculum for new person through a year.